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Pleasure Pole dance poles are designed to allow you to enjoy the experience of pole dancing in your own home. Specifically designed to be easily removable the Pleasure Pole is an ideal piece of fun ”equipment. Leaving the adult aspect aside, a pole dance workout is an excellent way to get in shape and keep a high degree of fitness.

Completely Removable Pleasure Pole

The completely removable poles gives all the benefits of the fixed pole, with the advantage of absolutely no drilling or permanent marks. This design allows the pole to be installed and removed in seconds, no tools are required and there is absolutely no marking or damage to the room ceiling.

The pole is fitted with a threaded leveling foot on both ends. Both feet have a high friction elastomeric pad on the surface. The pole is positioned directly beneath a ceiling joist and the leveling feet are screwed out until contact is made between the floor and ceiling. At this point a firm twist of the pole locks the pads tightly against the ceiling and floor. A turn of the lock nut ensures the pole remains tightly in position. The pole is now ready for use.

Fully Removable Pole

Fitted Pleasure Pole

Pleasure Poles are designed to install into a standard room with the minimum of tools, expertise and disruption. Once initial installation has taken place the pole can easily be removed and stored in a wardrobe or beneath a bed to be taken out when required. With the non slip adjustable base the Pleasure Pole can be installed on either a carpet or polished wood/tile floor with no fear of damage or marking.

Supplied in a single piece the Pleasure Pole is manufactured from polished Stainless Steel. The adjustable non slip foot is also made of Stainless Steel with soft neoprene non slip pad. The Pleasure Pole comes with a custom made adjustment wrench to make installation and removal easier.

The Pleasure Pole is a standard length and the final adjustment is made with the threaded adjusting foot. Please specify the ceiling height when ordering your pole so we can ensure it will fit correctly.

Delivered by a contract freight company in a plain brown cardboard carton the Pleasure Pole comes complete with all fixings to install the pole. (See instructions below for list of tools required and see photos of parts included).

Top Bracket for Pole   Adjusting Foot   Installation is that easy

Top bracket for pole
This pole fixing bracket is fixed rigidly into the ceiling joist. It is designed in white to be unobtrusive when the pole is not installed. It is held in place with a single screw so if required after use it can quickly be removed.


Adjusting foot
Insert the top of the pole on the location boss attached to the ceiling and stand ensure the pole is vertical. The adjusting foot can now be extended out from the bottom of the pole to “trap” the pole between the ceiling and the floor. As the non slip surface of the adjusting foot starts to bite it will be necessary to turn the pole to increase the installed pressure. As a final adjustment the wrench supplied can be used to turn the base a quarter turn. Lock this in place with the locknut supplied. (not shown on picture supplied but will send new picture).


Installation is that easy.

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